About Us

Who we are

Paws & Claws "R" Us is your go-to pet supply shop inspired by our family of pets. Our store is the one stop you need to find useful and practical products that are so well loved by the pet community and come with a paw-stamp approval by one (or more) of our band of brothers. Our pack started with a mid-aged Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a beautiful black and brown  domestic medium-haired feline - Atlas and Hunter - and they quickly grew very fond of each other. It wasn’t long before Maz, the big, fun-loving, energetic German Shepherd & Husky mix was brought home to join the family. Maz has lots of guidance from his older brothers but he too, became an older brother just about a year later to our last addition - two orange short-haired kittens, Jimmy and Goose. Our pack of five keep us active and lively as a family while making our home complete and full of unconditional love ❤️.

What we do

With the animal family growing so quickly, we realized how many new and diverse products we started to research and buy. We want to share all of that goodness with the rest of the animal-loving world by curating a wide collection of pet and hooman-appealing goods of the highest quality, made with sheer thoughtfulness and pure love. After all, the best pets deserve the best stuff!

More to come

Our collection is growing everyday! Check back daily for new hot products, updates and more!